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  BeneServe provides the following services on behalf of our clients
  • Strategic partners in the analysis of your overall goals for plan design that offers alternative choices for you and your company's employees.
  • Provide an in-depth market evaluation to match your financial goals.
  • Evaluate Plan Benefits with Plan Costs whether fully insured or partially self insured.
  • Provide ongoing Federal and State compliance as new regulations are approved.
  • Participate in appropriate plan installation including and not limited to the initial enrollment process.
  • Provide guidance in developing communication materials and presentation programs.
  Why is BeneServe Different?
  • BeneServe is independent. Our loyalty is and always will be to our clients and their employees. BeneServe's independent status allows us to be truly objective in our analysis of carriers, products and their financial underwriting considerations.
  • BeneServe is experienced. Businesses big and small have come to know and appreciate the turn-key nature of BeneServe's services.
  • BeneServe is focused. We have extensive experience through the years in doing one thing. BeneServe effectively and efficiently manage our client's employee benefits saving them time, money and protecting our client's most valuable resources.... its employees.
  • BeneServe is flexible. The size of our firm combined with our extensive expertise allows us to look for solutions that reach far beyond generic and off the "boiler plate" while exploring ways to provide our client's meeting their goals. Our collective representation of a significant number of firms in the southeast has earned us the respect of the insurance carriers through whom we place our client's business.
  • BeneServe is Committed. Committed to the process of negotiating the most comprehensive benefit program and most competitive financial results to our clients.
  • BeneServe retains our Client Partnerships. Regardless of our client's size or prominence we make sure we provide the same level of personal attention and professional expertise. This is that what separates BeneServe from our competition.