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For more than three decades the staff of BeneServe & Associates, LLC have been committed to providing its clients with professional problem solving solutions for executive and employee benefit plans in the southeastern United States.

With the focus on linking people strategies and benefits strategies with your business goals, BeneServe concentrates on real solutions for tomorrow's increasingly complex needs facing the millennium and beyond.

BeneServe recognizes your firm's needs and understands the importance of a working relationship with your insurance agent, broker and consultant. We also recognize that client service is the number one priority and that your company wants a trusted resource with the experience and skills to meet your goals.

Managing your company in today's business environment can be challenging and sometimes a daunting assignment. Supervising employees, meeting deadlines, staying abreast of the competition and maintaining cash flow requirements are just a few of your daily responsibilities while running a successful business. BeneServe, we are devoted to serving the benefit planning needs of your business with a unique combination of resources and personal attention to help your business succeed.

For our customers the future is now and strengthening their position in hiring and retaining experienced workers is a key to their present and future success. Employers realize that in order to compete for these employees they must provide quality benefit programs and still meet their organization's financial obligations. BeneServe will assist you in developing your strategy as a carefully thought out plan that helps your firm focus on what needs to be done each year with regard to benefit planning

  • Identify plan objectives that match corporate culture
  • Evaluate legal requirements and impact of federal and and priorities state laws governing benefit plans
  • Design defined contribution benefit plans and choose
  • "Value added" ancillary products whether employer the most cost effective funding and administration paid or voluntary basis for the client
  • Develop communication package explaining benefit
  • Evaluate plan participant's demographic needs, programs and computer enrollment capabilities perceptions and satisfactions
  • Evaluate insurance carriers and third party
  • Develop strategies to meet plan objectives administrators for needed service and administrative client requirements
  • Introduce "choice" in benefit designs and managed care options that will compliment overall plan savings
  • Bringing competitive markets to our clients that are and yet provide reasonable access to quality healthcare consistent with plan and financial objectives providers
  Member Organizations

National Association of Financial Advisors
National Association of Health Underwriters
Association of Health Insurance Agents
Chamber of Commerce
Atlanta Better Business Bureau


Licensed in the following states:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Alabama
  • Illinois